AGC Agro Farm

AGC Agro Farm in Amritsar, Punjab is a seven-acre green space dedicated to promoting the techniques of natural farming and organic agriculture. It offers a variety of facilities and attractions to educate and engage visitors, particularly school and college students, about organic farming practices.

The farm features a range of units and gardens that highlight different aspects of organic farming. These include:

Miniature Forest:

A small-scale forest area that showcases the beauty and biodiversity of natural ecosystems.

Ayurvedic Garden:

A garden that cultivates various native medicinal plants used in Ayurvedic medicine, providing knowledge about their growth and usage.


A controlled environment for growing vegetables using organic techniques, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth.

Ornamental Unit:

A section dedicated to cultivating ornamental plants, showcasing the aesthetic appeal of organic gardening.

Polyhouse Unit:

A facility equipped with polytunnels or steel structures covered with polythene, offering protection against extreme weather conditions.

Vermicomposting Unit:

Demonstrates the process of vermicomposting, which utilizes worms to convert organic waste into nutrient-rich compost for plants.

Fruit Nursery:

A nursery that focuses on cultivating various fruit-bearing plants using organic methods.

Soil Nursery and Soil Testing:

Provides facilities for testing and analyzing soil samples, as well as propagating and nurturing plants in a controlled soil environment.


Educates visitors about hydroponic farming, a soil-less cultivation technique that relies on mineral nutrient solutions for plant growth.

Bonsai Studio:

Introduces the concept of organic farming through the art of bonsai, allowing visitors to witness the beauty and intricacy of miniature trees.

The farm also organizes organic markets, providing a platform for farmers using organic techniques to sell their products directly to customers. This initiative aims to promote healthy and organic food choices, benefiting both consumers and farmers.

Additionally, the farm employs modern technologies to enhance the quality and longevity of produce. The UV-Light Food Sterilization Equipment is used to sanitize fruits and vegetables, extending their shelf life without compromising their quality. This alternative to chemical treatments ensures that the produce remains fresh and safe for consumption.

Overall, AGC Organic Agro Farm strives to revolutionize agriculture and create awareness about the benefits of organic farming. It serves as a valuable resource for practical knowledge, offering visitors a firsthand experience of various natural farming techniques and promoting a healthier and sustainable future.