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Mrs. Ragini Sharma

Founder Ragreen World

About ragreen world

Welcome to Ragini’s Green World. With a passion for environmental sustainability and a commitment to nurturing the next generation, Madam Ragini Sharma has created a haven of green initiatives that inspire, educate, and captivate.

Ragreen World @ AGC Agro Farm is an initiative with the goal of binding different cultures, spreading happiness. It is a complete miniature town for the dolls, a seven acres green space at Tarn Taran Road, Amritsar is a pleasant sight for the sore eyes which is specifically designed to develop it as a world-class garden in itself. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers. The place which uniquely focuses upon the creative miniature world where the visitors can lure into detailed fictional stories of the lives and characters of the town.

About Fairy Boutique

Welcome to Ragreen Fairy Boutique, where your imagination takes flight and dreams come to life ! At Ragreen Fairy Boutique, we believe that every doll should be as unique as the child who loves and cares for it. That’s why we offer a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to customize your dolls and their dresses to your heart’s desire. You get to decide everything – from the doll’s hair color and style to their eye color and facial features. Want a doll with a pixie haircut and emerald eyes? No problem! Our customization options are limited only by your imagination. The customization doesn’t stop there! We also offer an array of fabrics, patterns, and accessories that allow you to design the most enchanting dresses and outfits for your doll. Whether you’re inspired by classic elegance, modern trends, or whimsical fantasy, our selection of materials ensures your doll will stand out in style.

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